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character_draw's Journal

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character draw 20in20
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Character Draw 20in20

Welcome to character_draw, a 20in20 challenge with a twist!
[+] This 20in20 is focused on characters, but you won't know what character you're iconning until it's given to you. You pick the TV show, the movie, the cartoon, etc ; we pick the character
[+] Most rounds will have an overall theme (Oscar winners, TV series that only last one season, etc) ; Other themes will include free rounds or themes yet to be determined.
[+] If you don't like the character assigned, you're able to have a new character assigned, or choose a different movie/show. You are only allowed one change per round.
[+] Unless otherwise specified (ie: special rounds), participants will enter 20 icons: 10 themes, five category, and five artist's choice.
[+] If you have ideas for round themes, please feel free to suggest them to the mods, HERE
[+] If you're interested in making banners for the winners, please leave a comment on the Mod contact post, HERE

RULES (( updated: 04/03/15 ))
[+] You must be a member of character_draw to participate
[+] All icons made for each round must be new and made specifically for each round. No previously-made icons may be submitted.
[+] All icons must fit LJ standards (.jpg or .png ; 100x100 ; less than 40kb) No animation, please.
[+] This is not an adult-content community, so please keep your entries in line with LJ standards (13+) ; no nudity, please
[+] You are more than welcome to post your entries to your own LJ, but make sure the entry is unlocked until voting and results have been posted.
[+] When posting your completed icons, please have no more than THREE (3) icons, with either a link to your post or an lj-cut for your table (if posting directly to the community)
[+] Please post your icons only when the entire set is completed. A reminder will be posted the final day of the challenge
[+] Extensions will be granted as long as they are asked for.
[+] Previous voting practices in the community have brought many ties and rather unbalanced results. Until further notice, voting will be weighted in a 5,3,1 format ; voting will be done by screened comments, instead of LJ polls
[+] Please use the following format for your subject line: Round # - YOUR CHARACTER (TV show/movie/etc)
[+] All entries are moderated. Mods will tag the posts.
[+] Unless otherwise specified in the round rules, please try to make sure you are only using images of your character in character. Photoshoots and images from other projects are not appropriate.
[+] These rules may change at any time ; anything that will drastically impact the comm will be announced to the members, ahead of time.

AFFILIATES (( if you'd like to affiliate with character_draw, please comment to THIS post ))

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Current mods: erinm_4600 | moonshinefaerie | sumer_starlight | starry_night
Profile header by iconsoleander ; icons by previous round winners
Layout by refuted
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