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Round 22 - Themes & Info

Round 22 Rules:
+ Signups are open for the entire round.
+ Icons must be made originally for this challenge, no prior work may be submitted. If it is found that you do submit previous work, you will be disqualified from the next challenge.
+ All work must be your own, not someone else's.
+ Make sure all images are PG-rated. Meaning no nudity, etc.
+ Icons must fit the LiveJournal standard (under 40 kb, 100x100px and in either .png, .gif, or .jpg file format).
+ When posting the finished set, please leave up to three (3) icon examples outside the cut and/or link to the icon post in your journal.
+ Please post the completed icons at one time.
+ The icon post must be unlocked for two reasons: #1 We need to be able to see your entries to post voting, and, #2 so people don't have to join to view your icons. (If they do join, it's a perk for you)
+ Please DO NOT submit your icons to this post.
+ Entries are moderated; mods will accept them as soon as possible.
+ Please use the provided table to post your icons for convenience. (You may change the colors/fonts of the table if you wish)
+ Please DO NOT tag your entries. The mods will take care of that. :)
+ Please DO add a subject to your post: Round 22 - your CLAIM
+ Completed 10 are due Nov 30 Dec 03, midnight your time zone.

For this round, there will be no themes. Any and all images pertaining to your chosen character are allowed (if you're using fanart, you must have the artist's permission.)

Also, for this round, you are only making 10 icons.

Any questions, just ask. :)

A textbox for the code. Feel free to edit colors, fonts, etc, as you wish.

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