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Standard Rules & Info - Repost

Community Standard Rules & Info

Hi! My name is Leander (iconsoleander) and I'm your mod! If you're curious about me you can visit my livejournal or my icon community (lj user youtookitall). If you've got questions, please leave them here as a comment to this post or PM me. :)


-Like every other 20in20 icon community, participants will enter 20 icons from themes, a category set and an artist's choice set.

-The twist comes where you sign up with a tv show/film/animation and a mod will assign a character to you. If you don't like the character you may either switch to your second choice or ask for a change. You can ask for a change, and if you still don't like it, switch to your second choice. OR you could switch to your section choice and if you still don't like it, ask for a character change. Once you've exhausted these options, you're stuck with what you've got. :)

-To keep things interesting, some rounds will be guesswho rounds which will operate with a particular tv show or film that is voted for by the members of the community. Participants will choose from a pile of numbers and behind that number will be a character from that film/tv show. That will then be the claim.

-Some times we'll just have special rounds. Special rounds will be ones where you sign up for a spot, and any character is iconable once the themes and info has gone up. Which means, your set could be 20 characters you love, instead of just one. Special rounds will always follow some sort of theme for the table.

Standard Rules:

-You must be a member of the community to participate.

-You do not need to be a member to vote!

-Each round may have varying requirements so be sure to read the information carefully

-Please only sign up if your are committed to the icon challenge and willing to participate.

-One subject is chosen for each round, please give a second choice just in case.

-You must choose either a tv show/series/film/animation/webseries and a character will be assigned to you.

-The same character will not be chosen for you twice in a row, but you are allowed to choose the same subject (tv show/series, film) as many times as you like. This is because your character is chosen for you by a mod, so it should mostly always be different. :)

-Your submitted set must be made specifically for that round, no prior work will be accepted.

-Icons must be submitted before voting goes up and before the dead-line.

-Anything submitted after the deadline will not be accepted, with the exception that if the vote hasn't gone up, you're good.

-You may ask for an extension (or two) if you need one (or two).

-When entering your icons to the community, please give a preview of THREE icons only and the direct link to the icons if it is posted with anything else in an entry in your journal/community.

-Please make sure your icon entry is public if it is posted in your own journal/community so we don't have to friend you to view your work. The entry may be set to locked after voting and winners have been announced.

-If you are participating in a challenge, please make an effort to view other participant's entries. Feedback is greatly appreciated among all icon makers.

-Since icons are viewable before voting, don't go down the biased route and vote based on the artist/chosen show/character/etc. Vote on the quality of the icons please.

-All icons must be of LJ standard. (under 40kb, 100x100px, and either .png, .jpeg, .gif file format)

-No animated icons please.

-Try to keep cursing/swearing to a minimum. Minor language is okay.

-Tasteful nudity will be allowed.

-All posts are moderated.

Try to keep in mind that your icons should feature the character you were given. Using images from a photoshoot of the actress/actor aren't really the same thing, unless they are promo images where the actor/actress is in character. OOC is only allowed where specifically stated.

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