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Round 22 - Signups

+ Make sure you have joined the community and have read the rules before you sign up.
+ You're welcome to choose any TV show, cartoon or anime series, or movie/miniseries.
+ A character will be selected, at random, from your chosen fandom. I will be using Wikipedia for main cast/character lists. If you do not like this character (for whatever reason), you may request another. One only alternate will be available per participant, per round.
+ Signups will be open for the entire round.
+ If you are not going to be able to get your icons submitted by the due date, or need to withdraw from the round for any reason, please let a mod know.
+ Extensions will be offered, as needed
+ Tentative schedule: Themes posted immediately following ; Icons due November 30

Round 22 participants:
01 - stydia - Malia Tate
02 - crucified - John Thackery
03 - halliwell - Caitlin Snow
04 - sandy79 - Dean Winchester
05 -

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