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Mod Post - Round 21 update (and a question)

Hey, all

Real life kind of usurped everything the last month or so -- but we're working on getting the results for Round 21 put together. And Round 22 will follow at some point, ASAP (again.. real life taxed us all a bit)

In the meantime... out of sheer curiosity on my part -- would you have any interest in having some shorter, single-topic challenges, where you would only enter 4-5 icons for each prompt? (similar to the way trekicontest or abc_foodie, etc, are set up)

For example, if the prompt was Western, your entry could be any five icons you wanted to make, so long you've picked a character/actor from a western/playing cowboy, etc.

I know the comm is called a 20in20, but perhaps a "change in programming" might give us all a chance to revitalize?

Please let me know your thoughts, as I'd love to have any ideas to get the creative juices reflowing!
Tags: !modpost, -polling the community, round 21
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